What is price action Trading ??

One of these days i see that retail traders get an advertisement of Price action trading trainer , well most of them even dont know what is going on with in the

Market , i asked many of them to take up Live Trading challenge if they are so sure of the price action trading , Most never replied to my message

but what they are doing is they continue to collect fees form innocent retail to tune of 30000 Per training , and retail after losing the money in stock market they end up

paying the heavy fees yet the success is not even close to their investments

My point is Price action is not candlestick trading , it requires meaningful understanding of trend/ Momentum and the direction of the trend ,

Many time the trend is making an Continuation pattern but the so called these pandits suggest to book profits or go short sell

They even dont know where to begin and where the trend is end ,

Let me tell you what is price action in short message

Its an Movement of price based on market participants interpretation , its theme of moves in trend and counter trend moves , its an indication of progressive moves in the direction of least resistance , overall its an tool that gives you the past data in order to asses future direction ,

its easy to be fooled by these people who try to teach you in the name of price action but they them self dont have a complete knowledge

I love to post about it but it takes lots of time ,

One can Ping me in case you want to know more after Friday i will reply


Comment: ha ha , Amazing to see how it works , I told you 3 moves theme , it did move three wave theme
Comment: Well it paused it drop , I was really not sure about its pausing , but it did , one can wait for daily bullish candle brake or strong 2 hour candle clsoe before entering for long position ,

Up side move will be immediate high and then slow extension is possible , Look to exit with your comforts
Comment: when its over its over , still need bullish candle then its end of current down move
Trade closed manually: We are covering our shorts by trailing stop on 1 hour candle so far form
489 to 396 , in futures short selling

93 Points per lot


Is there any book on price action trading, I am new to stock market.
ShreeKrishna thereisnobetterwaytofly
@thereisnobetterwaytofly, Hello sir , as per my personal understanding the proper guided methods of interpreting the price action is not been printed or published , you can look to download by Googling , Bloomberg training in technical analysis , some are available for free , Bloomberg have published Good books , you look to download all of them they are related to technical analysis

Good luck sir
@ShreeKrishna, Thanks a lot bro
You are right I also trade on IGL as recommended by reputated news channels I exit in loss at the end.
ShreeKrishna GarrySingh
@GarrySingh, OK I understand sir ,its not about how they represent in the news channel , its about knowing the market , most dont know how to interpret the market and they start talking on TV , Online boosting , all sorts only to make innocent believe and pay them subscription charts , eventually the old subscriber moves out and new fill in , the same thing repeats ,

My point is they have not been educated properly to give an advisory services or to become trainer but they continue to do it ,

At one instance they behave like they are the Masters only to end up becoming big failure