Don't get Trapped . SELL and Run AWAY . Validity 15 November

Can't say much , but market works in cycles and according to my 12 years of trading with Data science as an edge in the financial markets .
I am saying " SELL AND RUN AWAY " .
It always happens with new batch of people they buy equities and nifty at any level in the market and they get trapped . These people block their capital for atleast 2 to 3 yrs . (LOSS BOOK KAR NHI SAKTE KYU KI LOSS BADH CHUKA HAI & AUR KUCH KHAREED NAHI SAKTE KYUNKI SARI CAPITAL LAGA DI)
God Bless You all.

ENTRY 16054
SL 16555
TARGET 15954
Comment: Sorry Just TYPO ERROR Please use common sense!

ENTRY 18054
SL 18555
TARGET 15954
Comment: I hope you all saved yourself by shorting the markets instead of buying... and hopefully in good profits by holding December puts , all puts expanded upto 3 -4 x
Please comment and share your experiences
15900 coming very soon , maybe straight away or after a little rise.