INDUSIND Bank Intraday Trade.

I only trade with 15k capital. I only risk 3% of my capital. So I only trade in 50 to 70 share quantities.
I exit my trade when I lose or gain ₹5.

Nifty and INDUSIND were opened in red today. I was waiting for the revarsal in INDUSIND and in Nifty too.
Revarsal in INDUSIND came around 1:30pm but Nifty was still not showing any sign of revarsal at that time. Around 2:15pm Nifty showed some revarsal at that time INDUSIND was trading at ₹1009.
As per my trading setup Price was above VWAP , 9HSMA and 20CSMA and RSI was in the buying zone. So I entered into a trade with 50 shares at ₹1009.65 and my target of ₹5 hit easily.