INFOSYS - Important Range

In this chart you can see that how fond is Infosys of the given range 1020-1040.

I have marked with rectangles on what happened. You can observe that it is a decisive range and price has always ( except for 1 consolidation ) followed the breakout direction in the following days.

The intensity of this range can also be felt by the multiple gaps and consolidation happening in it.

I think this info will help you in your trades in this stock. Many different strategies can be created based on this.

Cheers !!
Comment: In range . The range is 1011-1040* . Acc to fundo gyaan, a weak dollar should cause it to go downwards ;)
Comment: Attempted upper side break at 1139.5 and failed. Still in range.
Comment: 23 Mar : Still in range, attempting to go up

Comment: Personally, Im going to avoid any position in this right now. You can take if you find something acc to your strategy.
Comment: A big movement might be coming up . CMP - 1035.
See if you figure out something and make a good trade.
Comment: Still in the tight range. Don't know why.
Comment: Alert : trying to get out of the range, volumes increasing along with red candles.
See it it breaks out on the down side, good chances of follow through.
Comment: 1.3 % down . in line with expectations.
Comment: 980 . Happy that it;s going as expected.
Comment: One of my most confident trades .

953 now :D