Infy: Follow NEWS & be reactive or follow Charts & be a ahead !!


This is not a fresh recommendation. This is just a follow up to our post on 09th April 2021. This is what we had posted

- Infy trading in the yellow channel from July 2020
- on previous 2 occasions, before the result announcement we observe Infy near the channel top
- Infy makes a high on result announcement at the top end of the channel and then drops down
- after Jan 2021 result announcement, we observe the yellow channel being breached twice temporarily

Is this a cue that strength of the buyers getting weaker...???

if we observe Infy getting rejected at the median of the red channel, then there is a possibility of Infy shifting to lower blue channel

Infy had a NEWS event - Result announcement on April 14, 2021.

If you have read the analysis in the above post, see the Infy price movement and Notice how charts revealed every thing before the NEWS event.... and worked to perfection....

That's the magic of Technical Analysis ...!!!

Charts do try to tell us a lot.... Are you ready to listen... ???

Choice is yours

Was it a good analysis...?

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Can you give a fresh update on Infosys? i hav 1420 call options and am in loss currently
indiamarketoutlook diligentprashant

After result announcement, Infy generally tends to consolidate and go sideways for the next 2 months...

Infy might follow the blue channel now...

Given the Infy behavior in the past, the chart set up indicate it is more advantageous to option sellers than buyers

This is just my opinion.
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