CMP 393.2

The stock looks likely to have made a triple top around 430-450 band

- the stock is now trading below the yellow zone making it look weak

- staying below the yellow line zone the stock may potentially head towards the green line zone around 360...

- immediate support at 380 levels highlighted with dotted red line

- sustaining above 405-408 levels might invalidate the pattern

- The stock might consolidate between 408-380 levels till month end...

Given the view One may consider Short Strangle strategy for IOC November expiry

Sell IOC 30-November expiry 410 Call option & 380 Put option

Lot size: 1500

Call Strike Price: 410

Price: 4.35

Put Strike Price: 380

Price: 4.3

Understanding Reward and Risk in the trade

Max profit potential Rs 12975 per strategy lot if IOC closes anywhere in between 380 to 410 on 30-November 2017

Loss if IOC closes above 418.65 or below 371.35 on expiry day

Take care & safe trading...!!!

Below are links to previous updates on IOC and some other stocks where we have used Derivatives Strategies...

Trade active: IOC Strategy Update
Com 394.50
The stock has hardly moved...

Short strangle strategy doing well

IOC 410 Call option 1.6

IOC 380 Put option 2.6

Total profit 1500*(8.65 - 4.2)= Rs

Happy trading...!!!
Trade closed: target reached: IOC
CMP 390

On expected lines stock hardly moved since 16 Nov...

You don't need runaway rally to earn... You Just need to understand the market conditions & apply different strategies which may fit in those conditions...

Here Short strangle strategy working to perfection...

Current price of

IOC 410 Call option 0.55

IOC 380 Put option 0.75

Total profit 1500*(8.65 - 1.3)= Rs 11025/-

Consider booking profits

Enjoy & Happy trading...!!!