This stock is not bad for your portfolio as given price

Look at the chart. An excellent level for Investors.
Trade active


Passion is energy , Good to see your passion about technical analysis ..... When everyone else is busy here and there on weekend and festival preparation , you are still busy finding stocks for trading community ,that's too selflessly ....

Hats off to you !!!
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Kinnari_Prajapati Tradersclub_india
@Tradersclub_india, Wow, seriously I want to say you that, your comments always give me strength and power to work more and more. In the past, there was an incident that I stopped updating because of the behavior of the TOP author of here who was not prefer me to update more. I was stopped working here. But NOW I HAVE FRIEND LIKE YOU who always encourage me.
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Tradersclub_india Kinnari_Prajapati

As humans, we have evolved to compete; it is in our genes, ....
Top Authors bhi insaan hi Hain.....

Cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today ,begins where competition leaves off...

I would suggest , you just focus on cooperation part ( you are already beautifully doing that by helping the community selflessly ) , ignore and avoid unhealthy competition and competitors completely ......
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Terminator_1 Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, your almost 90% calls successful till now, that's a massive count compare to other analysts, keep doing good work.
champvimal Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, focus on your strength, positivity and above all - selfless help to all. Top author of Tradingview is anyways not even a speck of dust in front of Supreme God. Do good karma and just continue in the flow, you will surely reap rewards in life.
Any levels that we can look for in 3 months timeframe mam. Please comment on target and timeframe that you have in mam which will help us.
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@vikrammscsw, This is clearly an excess(penetraction) from channel. Its a intiating move, result move is till remain.
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Thanks for analysis.

As per as your analysis on weekly chart it will take atleast 1yr to return to 240 price range.

Can you please provide price range in case investors are looking for exit within 3 months? So as to minimize the loss which has already occured ??

Also, how can you say it will rebound from 166.15 support price ? Can you explain ?
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Kinnari_Prajapati BigFool_Jhumjhumwala
@BigFool_Jhumjhumwala, If our entries are per following step-ins;

First long entry at 174
Second Entry at 166
Last entry at 162 max. then sure recover is possible 198 and 218 as target easily in 2-4 months.
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