JK Paper- Flag and Rounding Bottom Breakout- Buy Setup

Why am I bullish about the stock?
JK Paper has formed Flag Pattern breakout in the Daily charts with nice volumes, indicating a continuation of the upward trend.
Also, it has given a breakout of the rounding bottom pattern in the daily charts .
It is bullish in larger time frames as well.
Aggressive traders can enter the trade at cmp , whereas more conservative traders can wait for a small pullback.
Expected Levels 100-105, Exit Levels- 77

PS for beginners:
I always take a risk of 1-2% of my capital on a trade i.e in case my stop loss hits I would lose only 1-2 % of my capital. This way I am able to protect my capital even if a few trades goes against my direction. This is one rule that I follow for all my positional trades irrespective of how confident I am about the trade.
Trade closed: target reached: One can book profits at cmp 99.2. 20% profits.
Comment: Traders who trail can keep todays low as sl- 90.50.