Jubilant Foods - Bullish patterns

1. Tweezer Bottoms
2. Fibonacci
3. Wave Analysis

All three seem bullish
Trade active: Long since around 2650 average (futures)... will hold 60+ points up till now
Comment: Long since around 2650 average (futures). *Sorry typo...

Long since 2510 average (futures)
Trade active: Position open... Going well
Trade active: Long position still open
Trade closed manually: Closed @ 2637 (futures price). About 127 points gain per lot. Lot size 250.
Comment: Jubilant Foods may now correct up to a maximum of about 50 points from current level of 2655. Then the upswing should take it up to 2700/2750/2800. It may take time but the price action seems to be heading thus.
Comment: Shorted Jubilant futures
Trade closed manually: Closed
Comment: Jubilant Food is moving up well. I expect it to touch the marked targets.
Comment: 2600 Put and 2800 call have highest number of contracts. Today OI (provisional) is building up. It should climb going ahead.
Trade active: Long trade entered on 11th June and still open
Trade active: Increased long position in futures market