JUBLFOOD - double top or parallel channel with bullish pattern ?

In the chart i could see the parallel channel is respected perfectly with 5 touchings at the bottom. Morning star candlestick pattern occurred in 1 hr timeframe and hammer formed in 1 day timeframe with huge volume . But here is the confusion, there is a formation of double top chart pattern even with little a retracement. So as per the movement in Monday i'll take a trade on either reversal or breakout accordingly.
Please comment if anyone is having the idea on further movement(reversal or breakout) with logic.


My view is both technical and fundamental. Stock has touched it's resistance level twice and the shorts in the system are covered based on COI. Fundamentally lock down is going to badly impact he business and given it's May month and Nifty has also retraced decently, i believe stock will reverse from here till the levels of 1370, Would be interesting to see COI on Monday