The Nightmare to F & O trader is price hitting his stop , and most do not understand the structure so their random stops will get hit and take losses

This is one of the Methods people should use in case they want to trade Positional trade , Un less they have clear method for Long term Positional they must not keep
Naked position in Futures , or they should cover when price moves 2 to 3 % in the direction they take trade and again they can add the trade

This method suits with People of Capital above $10,000.00 or INR 7.50 Laces along with Income Group above 6 Laces Per Year ,
Good luck
Trade active
Comment: put the stop to cost , if stopped out then take trade again when you find second high failure
Comment: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Winner is ShreeKrishna , We are putting out stop to recent 1 Hour high we also see there might be change in the structure so we are placing our stop
I hope you will also place your stop to nearest pivot
Comment: And the Winner is ShreeKrishna ,

Yeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , We are Looking to Book our Futures short sell as this Gap down indicate end of one cycle Move down
Comment: Oh my lord , I am already Carrying 1000s of Truck of Money , I love money ,

Thank you My lord , I love you

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