Today it open gap down, so it is to follow the trade plan as per no.3 from my previous post on KOTAKBANK .

Review and what we learned from Today.
#1 As per trade plan, we have to avoid first 15-20 min to get it cool down. Today we saw a huge volatility in this initial period.
What we leared : Always to avoid trade in initial 15-20 min.

#2 RSI Bullish Divergence: One of the main signal for today to confirm was weather it is a bullish divergence or not.
Whenever such divergence forms then there will be always a trap at the beginning of session.
For Example If bullish divergence is getting active then there will be a bear trap that happened today. Stock went to such a low level and recovered so quickly to trap the trader on short side. And I had posted in MGL case when there was bearish divergence was forming. I will give the link of it for your for information.

In this MGL , it created bearish divergence and in beginning of the session it gave bull trap and then it went down so badly.
What we leared :Wait for the signal or our trend to get confirmed as per our trade setup.

#3 After that it starts to trade above 1720 range and as per our trade setup no.3 , it is a signal to go long in trade. And it hit our target of 1743.
What we leared :Always follow your trade plan and stick to your trade levels.

Now next trade setup for this week.
It is simple, all the levels marked on the chart will work as support, resistance and target on respective day with price action near that level.

For example,
1) If it open with gap up tomorrow, let's say 1750, then wait for 15-20 min to get it cool down, and goes down and it takes support from 1728 range then it will be a buy trade above 1730 and target will be the level at which it open and then the next target will be the target mentioned on the chart.
2) If it open with gap up tomorrow, let's say 1750, then wait for 15-20 min to get it cool down, and goes up and it faces the resistance at 1760 then don't take the trade, there might be the chance that it will take support from where it has open and make the reversal.
And it if breakdown the level where it has opened then it has next support at 1728 range from this there may be the chance of reversal and again give us a buy trade.

Hence always judge price action at respective level.

Hope my ideas are helping you to understand the levels, price action and signals from the chart.

Do let me know if you have any doubt.