Keep an eye on Lincoln Pharma for Swing Trade

1. Making Higher highs & Fundamentally strong Stock.

2. Took support from 377 Support Zone with good volume

3. Only Disadvantage is the stock closed below round figure i.e, 400

4. If the Resistance zone Between 404-414 will break we can see a very good up move(Based on market conditions)

5. Enter only if 414 level breaks with good confirmation by keeping 404(if a candle closes below 404 in 15 min TF) as stop-loss.

6. 445 is 1st TGT & 480 is 2nd TGT

*Always Enter With good confirmation & Maintain proper Risk Reward.

**********Educational/informational purposes only. **********

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Comment: point no 3: as I mentioned yesterday that the only disadvantage is the price closed below 400 rupees(Round figure). Fine let's Wait for the Breakout of 414 level then we will keep up to 445 as 1st TGT and 480 as 2nd TGT.

Today there is news regarding Lincoln Pharma that this pharma stock got approval from the Australian Regulatory. this approval will increase companies business network to 90 countries; Currently Exports to 60+ countries.
* Company soon wants to enter into the Australian market with Dermatology, gastro & pain management Products & Expand Gradually.