Crypto is the most thrilling thing that one can trade as the price moments are very volatile like supercars speed on the highway. Due to these volatile price moments and the fact that the market remains open 24 x 7. It gives big returns within less period of time and also when it falls it falls badly. So trading it one can make a fortune out of it and also one can lose his entire capital within seconds.

So it's very important to have a good probability setup based on PRICE ACTIONS as it works almost everywhere in the world and also you need to have to make a trading plan in such a way that it eliminates emotion out of trading as we all know in trading SKILL are just 10% and execution and risk management is also just 10% rest 80% is emotion and psychology.

So the best way to eliminate emotions is to keep a stop loss such that even if it hits 10 times in a row you are not affected by it and when you make money you make a good chunk of money in one trade. That can be done by taking trade-in important areas where there is LIQUIDITY and BIG MONEY is also present to entre in the trade.

So here I am sharing analysis of CHAIN/USDT where the plan is to take the trade-in such an area where above liquidy is there and once taken out gives a very big move within no time and if fails also there is a short-selling idea that one can execute to catch the downside also in case of surprise events or shakeouts.

Trade Analysis I have explained on charts.

Hope you enjoy and learn something from it👍

- Pranesh Sahoo

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