Loopring Prepares for Round 2 (Over 70% Profits Potential)

BINANCE:LRCBTC   Loopring / Bitcoin
Our last trade for Loopring ( LRCBTC ) generated a nice 125%+ profits for us... Imagine how happy we are to generate such great profits without doing much more than lifting a few fingers.

Let me tell you our strategy in a nutshell: Buy low to later sell high... You see how simple that is?

No complexities; keeping it simple. Simple is best.

Now I am looking at the Loopring ( LRCBTC ) chart once again because I am seeing the signals building up for a second round.

Let me read those signals for you for our own learning and entertainment, while you take your time to hit LIKE...
Done? Ok, let's continue.

Loopring ( LRCBTC ) Chart Analysis by Alan Masters

This chart is a classic and the signals are clearly marked, let's look at them:

  • LRCBTC last bullish wave generated massive profits, over 180% from top to bottom, we enjoyed over 120% from this wave. The next wave is starting to take form.

  • First, we have a retrace that went all the way back to 0.786 Fib. retracement. If you have been reading me lately, you know by now that altcoins (crypto-assets) tend to find support at this fib. level. If the price holds, they quickly bounce up.

  • On top of the Fib. support holding, you can notice the price action going flat. First a strong decline that ended flat, followed by a green candle that has above average volume and is breaking above multiple resistances at once (Moving Averages). These are a bunch of bullish signals all in one place.

  • The TD Sequential started a new positive count.

  • The RSI is bullish and trending up.

  • The MACD is starting to curve up.

  • These are some of the early signals I look for and they are very pronounced here.

  • Then we have the cycles, waves down, wave up, wave down, wave up... We just completed a strong wave down, what follows is a wave up.

  • With all the above said, signals can still get invalidated, so make sure to have a plan/strategy/trade if you decide to trade this altcoin and always use a stop loss.

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Previous Loopring ( LRCBTC ) trade which generated 120%+ profits:
Comment: Patience is key...

P.S. This is not a piece of trade advice. My trades contain buy-in, targets, stop-loss and additional relevant information that can be used for trading.


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