Long ( Continuation Pattern)

Two days back the results ware not in earning reports , stock did not hit heard but rather stayed well within the structure

I am looking for Buy set up on strong close on 2 Hour or Daily Candle for Next move up

Comment: Rebounded
Comment: book in case comfortable from 900 to 937, if you want to hold the position

put the stop cost + few points profits ,
Comment: its taking too much of time , we too struggled in holding it , today we have put the stop to cost + Brokerage , if stop is taken out we are out form this scrip itself for longer time period
Comment: so far 890 to 1005 , its an 115 points move if you are comfortable then book the profit using Trailing stop ,
those who want to hold also should but the stop in Profit and use trailing stop method to protect the gain

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