L&T ----- Lets Engineer Money

Hi All ,
Everything on chart .
No Naked Futures or call :
Strategy :
Buy Futures and 1720 puts ,
Buy 1740 call and sell 1780 call (my choice)
Buy 1720 call (3 lots) and buy 1720 put(1 lot) ( put /call ratio your choice , keep it tilted on call side)

Lets Engineer Money .

Note : Consult your financial risk adviser ,Risk of capital loss, paper trade or education purpose only.
Comment: Hi All ,
Today if price remain below 1730 by 3.00pm , exit this trade.
Sometimes you have to take it on chin and this is the one.
No emotions , No Hope , Pure stop loss execution.
Trade closed manually: Folks ,
Booked out of this trade , Have you ?
Now if at 3.25 if its above 1730 , We can enter again
Comment: Look at the classic game of trapping weak hands out of market .
Waiting for 3.25
Comment: Not entering again , Letting this go.
Rest in peace