Short Term Bearishness Signals

Look out for given pointers for how a stock gave prior signals for Short Term Bearishness.
If such pointers are seen on invested (short-term) stock, one should consider reducing the exposure or exiting the position to look out for better opportunities available.


What’s the spread value? Would love to know
@Kushsw, The value we get after dividing a stock's performance % & Nifty's performance % for a session is spread value. It shows the relative strength of the stock. So, in the given chart we can see the relative strength of the stock is continuously declining from 5th of May and on 14th June the spread line crossed its 50-day moving average. That means the stock's strength is weaker than its past 50 days average. This concludes that the stock has weakened in comparison to the index and might show a correction or take a long breather. I hope this helps. :)
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Kushsw AmanSaraf
@AmanSaraf, Thanks Man. Appreciate the detailed answer!