We want to enter for long side on this stock in next week.

I told you this stock for short selling, now we will catch this at bottom shortly. I dont think that this stock going make new of this year.

Check the below chart of last short selling result:


Same request as usual kinnari mam please update on telegram when u enter into this trade.
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Nice analysis...I have observed that most of your analysis is based around price channels which is great to see as I believe channels give accurate trend direction when combined with other TA tools..
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@pranav2912, thank you very much.
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Can you post chart for the ITC with your view for the short term ..............Please reply if you can do analysis...
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Looks attractive to buy now for the portfolio.
Please update the entry level for buying
as itold dow is in trouble & same is happening guys
long in L&T finance holding, but as per dow if it would have broken on monday again 9/3/20 then l&T finance would be in Trouble, someone bought its mini truck at lower level of 95 theirs no doubt abt that, at 95 levels its visible in charts, but if dow turned positive/or indian mkts then 113 is first moderate targets for L&T finance
agreed! can buy & hold this till next friday.
nice example of Elliott Wave . So, please confirm we are in correction wave 'b' right now, right? What can be the final target once completion of wave 'c' happens?

Once again, love your analysis.