Hi Traders/Investors,
last week one of my condition was so helpful for aggressive traders that it saved for going short on this scrip . Let us understand it. "if blue zone is not taken out then price will move to red zone. where price can consolidate or momentum is strong then can breach it . but short after red zone can only be initiated when the condition of taken out is completed at res support zone ."
can you see the price took support took support from that red zone by making candle close near day. Has any body taken short on gap down open , he would have been trapped by bulls. I circled the the candle stick pattern called piercing . The psychology behind it is very much clear that bulls found that price lucrative as on support zone .so they came and bought aggressively closing price days high. Novice traders seeing this pattern will jump into long side buy positions. But intelligent will wait for next day trade to find out whether the entry is of weak bulls or really strong . In fact this pattern is Warning for short traders to cover their shorts. Those who do not later part can be painful to them. Every candle speaks else you know its psychology behind it. I am not saying you just go and take long next day. with this candle the price to reward is not comfortable. So let price make it comfortable by coming to red dotted line Then buy with the sl of bull candle low. I do not recommend this trade but aggressive nature can take this. I will like to trade when price gets activated on next day by closing above bull candle. Here is also problem If next day is also good momentum day to upside and take price away from upper end of blue zone then also risk reward will not match. so in that case you will have to buy when blue zone lower end is breached upside and price stay above this level for 30 mins then can go long with sl of red dotted line.Once price will stable upside then in next week lower end of white zone is my target. On good momentum can go to higher end also. In every post you all have been watching my conditions and level works magically why they are so reactive all times with almost 100% accuracy. While all on air advisers give numerical nos but have you ever seen me given nos. Nope , I believe in structural points , level where a scrip performs. Investors should wait this stock will come down then you can join. Rest market will decide.

Note. All trading and investing decision should be take with consulting your financial planner. My idea can be wrong any time .