Moeda Loyalty Points Signals A 777%+ Move, How?

I am looking at the Moeda Loyalty Points chart, MDABTC, and I can see that EMA50 has been conquered, while EMA100 is being challenged...

Looking at past action, back in Jun. 2018, we saw MDABTC rejected by EMA100 when it was trying to move up. Then it managed to break it and reach EMA200 only to be rejected again. Once EMA200 was conquered, a very strong bullish wave followed that produced over 600% of growth.

Now we are having a similar pattern. We can see EMA100 rejecting the growth multiple times. After EMA100 was conquered we can see the EMA200 rejection and we reach present time...

Now MDABTC is challenging EMA100, EMA200 is surely to follow at 0.000009040.
Breaking this final resistance can lead to a 500-700% bullish wave if the previous scenario repeats.

Do you think this is something possible?

Whatever happens, the next MDABTC move will be stronger than what most would expect.

Thanks a lot for reading.


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