Market traps - Series 3 (Futures price and Bulk Deals)

Hi All ,
Once upon a time :
Someone senior I know took position in Max Financial Services Futures around 570 . After the market closed there was announcement a bulk deal will happen next day at price of 510.

Can you imagine the trap ? Next day it opened around 515 around which bulk deal happened , The stock rose up till 530 that day and started coming down again , The senior person had put in stop loss when price came to 530 , Still he had to exit at loss of 40 Rs .

Can you believe How Market traps and what kind loss it can get you in ?

SEBI should have rules around the same that bulk deal can happen only in next series (i.e advance notice of 1 month and not 1 day).

Stay alert.

P.S : Please note the exact number might be 10-15 rs +/- , But the main theme is bulk deal pricing.