A flag chart pattern is formed when the market consolidates in a narrow range after a sharp move. Usually, a breakout from the flag is in the form of a continuation of the prior trend. Flags give a very high-risk reward ratio which means relatively small risk and high and quick profits.

Mindtree seems very good and trading in the range and we can expect the big move in the coming day's Breakout levels are 1557 above SL will be the downward slipping line which can be very less. Always love the flag pattern and gives great returns with low risk. Keep watching Mindtree for good profit.

Targets can 2620 to 2800

What's your opinion please share comments.
Trade closed: target reached: Unexpected move and all targets achieved pocket your profit does not hold for now or hold 50% Position with 2800 SL on a closing basis.
Trade active: Buy Mindtree from the current level from Sl of 2810 on a closing basis. Stock is going to blast 2950 to 3100 targets. Continuous Flag pattern Good risk to reward trade.
Trade closed: target reached: 1st target achieved. You can hold stock with a trailing SL of 2900 on a closing basis.
Trade closed: target reached: All targets achieved hope you have booked all profit near 3100 made high 3243.