Mirza International -what you feel gooys !!!

stock in a downtrend anytime we can expect a breakout

strict sl 52🙏
trgt 68-90-105🎯🎯

chart looks good+volume spike can see in the chart.
💢there is a lot of other reason.but I am not interested to share here.💢
(u can check my other charts,once i was shared a lot of information about the stock & the company.and I will not share it anymore.(reason trading view.admins selecting lots of rubbish charts as editors pick)it may block me,but no issues.)

study gooys.your money🙏

about the company🍂
Founded in 1979, Mirza International Limited is India’s leading leather footwear manufacturer, marketer and exporter. It owns a portfolio of well recognized brands like Red Tape, oaktrak, MODE & Bond Street.
It is also the preferred supplier of leather footwear to leading international brands and one of the largest Indian suppliers of finished leather to overseas markets. #



mirza I buy the Stock avvage 58 Rs
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Volume looks good. Good find bro.