View 1
As per harmonics 0.886 levels it can reverse which is at 1260

Sell at 1255 - 1265
SL 1285
Target at 1240,1200

View 2
As per chart you can see it has given a BO from trendline also the highest OI on put side is 1100 PE.
You can sell 1100 PE and pocket 14 points which is sureshot with expiry in another 2 weeks.
Margin - 2.2L
Add 1340 CE to it and another 12 points and margin reduces to 2.8L

BEP comes at 1366 on upside and 1074 on lowerside.

We are betting on a range in this view.

View 3
Wait for some retracement if comes around 1140-1160 and can long with SL 1120

Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI Registered Analyst. This is for educational purpose. Please take position after consulting your advisor.
Comment: View 3 got active with buy at 1145 and closed at 1206
will sell at 1260 now
Comment: view 2 update -
sold 1100 pe at 15.5
waiting to sell 1380 in a range of 12-15
Comment: entered at 1340 ce at 15.5
Comment: both the sell 1100 pe and 1380 ce are in profit..
will hold till expirt to pocket the premium.

and sell muthoot around 1260 with SL 1280 for view 1
Comment: View 1 triggered today and hit first target.
Exited at 1230
Trade closed: target reached: Open view is option selling will will expire at 0