Mahindra Fin Long for Day Trade

After initial price correction , and rebound I'm looking to enter at 319 with SL 317.50 for Target 322.75/324
IF price fails to Hold 317.50 then Look for downward target of 312.50/309.50
Trade closed: target reached: Target reached as per Points , but was supper rise


right how did you predict the trade pl elaborate based on indicators
shiv2798 JamesPeter
@JamesPeter, Sir , I don't use Indicators , Including volume , I use only Candlestick , I have practiced my trading style with 4 H candles , and I always enter only if the price action in 4 H is in Major Up trend for Buy call and downtrend for sell call , I select the Support and resistance form 4 H candle only , I ignore miner resistance and supports for taking trade only with 4 H candlestick charts , While I'm posting here I try to bring down the target and the SR level as per 15 Mints candle stick , but most of all my trades are based on 4 H only , I only trade in Cash Market Equity not with Features or options
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JamesPeter shiv2798
@shiv2798, thank you for your reply
Fantastic call and do you predict before hand with this method what stock will perform tomorrow and do you take sector in to consideration while choosing stock .what is your success ratio of your trades
shiv2798 JamesPeter
@JamesPeter, Sir I chose the stock which are individually selected by me and I will trade only which I have selected , I have selected 2 stocks form each sector , There are 1749 stocks in NSE of which only 155 are traded with High in volume with ADM (Average Daily Movement) of 2.5 % of stock price , I will be keeping track of all the stocks which I'm trading in order to understand the Main trend of the stock (Up ward/ down ward) using weekly candlestick charting , My success ratio is difficult to say now but I'm making good revenue , because my trading style is very deeper way , I only take position with 4 H or 8 H candlestick charting , the higher the time frame is higher the accuracy , but need lots of patience , almost all my long term trades are 2 or 3 in a month but they pay out 1:3 reward , and short term inter day are just for small everyday earn and burn , if you are new to technical analysis I request you to kindly get one small technical trading course which may cost of XK value , but surly will help you to learn more and keep faith in your investments , I would like to advise prefer only the education centers or approved teaching course form NSIC GOI , I'm sorry for not replying in time due to festival ,
Wish you happy learn and earn trade seasons
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