Nebulas (NAS) Gains Momentum | Easy 25%+ Potential Profits

BINANCE:NASBTC   Nebulas / Bitcoin
Nebulas ( NASBTC ) is moving in the right direction as it challenges EMA200 (orange line) on the 4H timeframe.

This is a very important level and closing above it would send out a strong bullish signal.

We can see:
  • Strong increase in trading volume .
  • A very strong RSI .
  • Altcoins vs Bitcoin growing and heating up for months now... More to come.

With this bullish chart, we believe that NASBTC can move higher.

Note: Charts are always changing. Just as NASBTC started to print bullish candles, it can quickly reverse and move lower to test support. Always use a stop-loss or have a strategy/plan if you decide to trade.

We know exactly what action to take regardless of how the price moves, up or down, down or up... Feel free to hit LIKE to show your support.

Comment: Starting to move... Don't miss it, it will be a big one.
Comment: TARGET:

(1) 0.0000675 |Hit 7-Oct. (+8%)
(2) 0.0000730 |Hit 10-Oct. (+17%)
(3) 0.0000800 |Hit 10-Oct. (+28%)
(4) 0.0000888 |Hit 10-Oct. (+42%)
(5) 0.0000985 |Hit 10-Oct. (+57%)
(*) 0.0001050 |Hit 10-Oct. (+67%)
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How you decide which is major factor for Resistance.
Here I can see 2 cases.
1 If 200 MA is resistance then it is broken.
2 Else if 633 sats is resistance then there is some more time to long.
AlanSantana shiva177s
@shiva177s, Can be a range, say 610 - 640... The Fib. proportions are the most exact in my experience.