Everything looks good here for Natural Gas . I will be buying UGAZ here and sold my DGAZ Monday Feb. 13, 2017.

Positive Trend with a buying opportunity. I will continue to buy dips as I eye the trend line and MACD 0 line.
NatGas showed a decent divergence on lower time frames, with a shot at one more buying opportunity. Chart looks to be shaping a diamond, reliable pattern that kicks out massive volatility once completed.
I'll be usuing UGAZ a X3 ETF. Plan is hold less than 3 months and target a new high or near high with UGAZ
Bought 1k Shares of UGAZ in the after hours Feb. 16, 2017
Comment: Breaking through and holding a daily close above second resistance will add to my confidence going forward. However, I set a Stop loss with UGAZ set at $18.70.
Comment: It's been an ugly trend, but the light at the end of the tunnel is near.

thanks to Gabby_1994
Comment: Closed trade / sold DGAZ far too early and missed the biggest move. Nat Gas 2.70 broke and learning lesson from miss trade, always wait for a confirmation / buy - sell / on time frame beyond 1 hour and more appropriately 1D+
Comment: To be learned: Also, be cautious ahead of upcoming US holidays. You might be trapped in a position and not be able to Buy/Sell when alert trigger goes off.