Start of New Impulse ( The Beginning of New Trend )

What i notice is the price have ended in Ending diagonal format and once the lower low was ignored the price

started moving upside on small pulsing move , this is exactly said by R N Elliott , " Pulsing move impulsive " it always starts with slow pulsing and then

once it cross the point of identification the crowd starts participation

Elliott did describe these pulses with identifiable nature and he also informed a clear message when the previous trend is over its over

Now at present i am looking this could pan out as side way correction before it makes its move up , one can look for buy set up as sell would lead unexpected results

One can look for long term prospective on this scrip
Trade active: one can start looking for adding on reversal and position as long term trade
Comment: Long active , one can position now
Comment: Pinky I told you it will come down , and it did come down , Now wait for daily reversal , No hurry in trading this scrip , let it give bullish confirmation
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