NALCO 2017- Buy in Arithmetic Zone 32-35 in August Fair 2017

S-L-- Sell First & Buy Later

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In our childhood, all of us, use to get excited when our parents took us for a visit to a nearby fair- why- because we get so many good things at the cheapest & best rate.

What is the connection of Fair & Nalco
In the last couple of years NALCO comes out with a fair every August Month- So, won't you be interested to buy something for yourself in the upcoming Aug2017 Fair.

Since 2008 highs of 141- Nalco has travelled down in irregular flat correction (W)-(X)-(Y) making a low@24 in Aug2013
Pushed up to 69 Highs in Sep2014 & had a fall, making a higher low@28 in Aug2015 compared to low in Aug2013.
From Aug2015 lows@28 -Again pushed & made a new high@73 in current month of Dec2016.

Look at the Arithmetic Progression at recent lows & highs-24+4 =28 -- 69+4 =73-- Next in the series-- 28+4 =? (Range of 32-35)

Trading Strategy

One should look for the arithmetic progression zone of 32-35 as the buying opportunity zone in this stock or going above 73 highs which got rejected recently by sellers.

Comment: 14:57 Hrs 13th Feb2017

Last Price@66.55

Look at the last week candle -that was a huge red candle.
Comment: 21:53 Hrs 24th feb2017

Last Price@66

Fall from 79 to 66 looks Impulsive gives hope that in 6-8 months we could see the possible interested zone for Nalco
Trade active: 18:21 Hrs 20th April2017

Last Price@68

Looks choppy but an impulsive fall from 80's to 66 -let us see it breaks 63 lows in next couple of months.
Trade active: 19:25 Hrs / 17th Oct 2019

Last Price@40.40

Recent Low @36/37

Very close to desired zone where we should have a look. Thanks
Trade active: 14:24 Hrs / 17th March 2020

Kindly consider your financial advisor for all investment decisions.

Last Price @ 30.65

Another stock for portfolio - Nalco -------------reached the desired zone late by 2 years

13th March 2020 - Snapshot

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