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Pattern Name-Head & Shoulder
The pattern forming right at the top- What does indicates? Question - Market Participants Need to Ask Themselves
If the pattern is correct - the target is the vertical distance from the head top to the neckline
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Wow!! Le chalo nifty ko 7500 k niche 😜
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Bscfx ashokakbari
@ashokakbari bhai nifty 8000 pahunche to mujhe whatsApp kar dena
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So probably this may have an effect in our Nifty too, right ?
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@Frank_New, Need to be careful
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Is it so sometimes patterns which forms on higher time frame repeats itself on lower time frame (4 hr chart head and shoulder in nasdaq) & vice versa ? dont know how much valid it is. Lets see...
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Ok. It means in this week we can see bears.
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Head and Shoulder , yes sir you told in one of your video for learning H & S usually forms at top for trend reversal...Ok hand
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Tomorrow closing is very important.thanku
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