Only if you Know it before the Event

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
I met Many Pandits who claimed they are Best in the World , Yet they Call me once in a week asking about Market views ,
I have seen Many tried to copy my chart and Yet they are still in Kindergarten stage , they never got the concept in them
I have seen People who commented randomly and Few trolls Yet they Need to come out from their own Graveyard which they dug believing some Nonsense Method

My Question do You know what you are doing when take the trade ??
Zerodha Founder Gave clear Message Last Month that People who buy Options are losing Money to tune of 90 % Traders , Yet people buy Options they never learn the lessons

Most Thought that I am joking when i 1st Forecast form 7300 to 12300 in Nifty ,
Then few people tried to send saying they will pay me some handsome money to Give them Calls , ( I practically pry for them as they Never Got single Call from ME )
You cant buy me , Yes you can ask me a Help which i have given More than 1127 Traders so far have took my help and they sent me email confirming they are out form their loss ,
Almost I replied more than 3000 emails ( I might have missed few due to flooded emails in past 6 Months ) every reply was same Learn well before you end up in Financial Crisis

Now regarding Nifty I have Up Graded in March 2021 that its Going to 17900 and today I am again giving you an out look of the same View

Hope you will start learning the lessons and Take decisions which support your Financial Benefits ,
Only 4 people ( From the institutional Group ) have taken my benefit at fullest

Good luck My Friends Happy Independence day

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Great To See Your Post Sir, Thanks for Sharing...
Hmm well professional analysis don’t use Yahoo as there email. Everyone knows that.
They say there is a method to every madness! What I find amusing is that for next four years plus nifty is likely to fluctuate between 13000-16700. The level gets penetrated only in 2026. Frankly the rise from lows (7511) of Mar 2020 to the present was not seen by any writer on the subject! Thanks for sharing! An interesting perspective of the Nifty!
ShreeKrishna sanketsudan
@sanketsudan, Hello , I think you are living in stone age , I did however forecast failure to 7300 and from there rise from 7300 to till date i have made Continues forecast , Frankly speaking you have not seen any Professional Out look , what you have seen is Amature Out Look who post in Tweeter and Try to copy in Trading view posts and rewrite ,

in July 2019 I was the only Man who forecasted the drop and it did unfold attaching a chart which is KAGI charting method one of the rear charting practiced by Professional Analyst

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udayking88 ShreeKrishna
@ShreeKrishna, Great Sir , Any major hiccups before reaching that assigned level as there are also bullish target given for Gold and Silver , thus find it bit complex that Market can rally even with rally in precious metals. As most historical records have shown that usually rally in Precious metals occurs when there is fall in equity index can it be different this time
sanketsudan ShreeKrishna
@ShreeKrishna, I have been an admirer of your analysis and look forward to your posts. But frankly your reply surprisingly is amateurish. I read extensively but it is just that I may have been late in coming across your posts! Grow up man. With knowledge please imbibe some maturity to grant why someone has written what he has written. Well, with your reply, it only adds to my appreciation of your knowledge. I wish I had come across your posts earlier!