Nifty Positional View for 14th August 2020

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Current position is SHORT sold on August-12-2020 at 11320
Action for 14th August 2020: Continue to hold short and reverse to long if NIFTY closes above 11345
All Values are for August 2020 Future

Loss as of now -3 points

Trade as per your risk profile and use these for educational purpose.

Use a Heikin Ashi Chart and 1 min chart for Intra-day Trading. These numbers are for Swing trading trading only .

Past Performance : 1396 Points earned in 41 Calendar days. 2 loss trades and 7 winning trades.

All these trades are given in this portal which you can verify easily.
1. BUY : Profit of 386 points (1st July to 8th July 2020).
2. SELL: Loss of 54 points (8th JULY to 9th July).
3. BUY : Profit of 38 Points ( 9th July to 10th July).
4. SELL: Profit of 30 points (10th July to 17th July )
5. BUY: Profit of 418 Points (17th July to 27th July).
6. SELL: Loss of 43 points (27th July to 28th July).
7. BUY : Profit of 86 points (28th July to 29th July).
8. SELL: Profit of 262 Points(29th July to 4th August 2020)
9. BUY : Profit of 333 Points(4th August to 12th August 2020).

Current open SELL position

Process : These swing numbers are calculated using Customized Volatility and AI algorithm (KNN Model).

Some Rules in trading system.
1. Take all trades and the numbers to hold are the last traded price of NIFTY future and not calculated close values.
2. Do not change Lot size very frequently and try to keep it constant.
3. We win 68-75% times only (changing lots will leads to losses as you may have bigger lots for loss trades and smaller one for gain trades) .
4. There are losses as well but the loss points will be smaller then gain over a period of 3 months or less.
5. Book profits at key levels (just a histogram of 2 years close will give numbers where nifty stayed for long duration.Frequency Distribution)
Comment: Intra day Trend change timings for 14th August 2020

Comment: Intraday Levels

Buy Above 11350.43

Buy Levels 11364.39 11378.28 11389.50 11400.72 11416.70 11426.40 11459.49 11495.82

Sell Below 11333.47

Sell Levels

11319.51 11305.62 11294.40 11283.18 11267.20 11257.50 11224.41 11188.08
Comment: You can observe the 10:51 Trend change timings giving a reversal of previous trend. Pure Astro AI work!


Hi I am shocked , how can you give the probability for " Intra day Trend change timings "
Kiranks07 Durgasingh
@Durgasingh, That is the power of Astro AI. We have Astro parameters of last few years mapped with Intra day data. This pattern keeps repeating always!
Durgasingh Kiranks07
@Kiranks07, ok Thats great , I work on pure price action with M.A , but I would like to learn more , how can u help me and still I am not sure or in dilemma , is it possible to work with 1 min chart like you do ?
Kiranks07 Durgasingh
@Durgasingh, yes Price action is right thing to do.

The timings come from KNN algorithm using many astro parameters (this requires astrology knowledge).
The Standard Deviation with Fibonacci Fractals gives great results for Intra day levels. We just need last 5 days OHL and LTP . Never use CLOSE value instead use LTP
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Durgasingh Kiranks07
@Kiranks07, ok Thanks looking forward to more ideas
Kiranks07 Durgasingh
@Durgasingh, Today Nifty pattern will be mirror image of yesterday
Durgasingh Kiranks07
@Kiranks07, Thanks , I shorted nifty from morning - i think trend is changing
Kiranks07 Durgasingh
@Durgasingh, Yes. You can see my Video in You tube . " Nifty Astro Sentiment" for Long term view Prediction up to 2021
Durgasingh Kiranks07
@Kiranks07, ok sure
Durgasingh Durgasingh
@Durgasingh, I watched video , its awesome - i also believe in astrology - I have some personal query regarding astro - can i ask on mail ? or not ?