Nifty 50 Unlocking secret

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
See the light green line from 2010 and 2009. Everything is between this. Explore the secret of nifty 50 yourself. Love it,Live it, Enjoy it.

Who will say this to you all??? Will any. I make it very simple for even person who even know very little can understand.
Comment: Bulls and bears fight going at the level 10700. Lets see who wins
Comment: Bulls won. By 30th May Top will be done and reversal will start.
Comment: See guys new Flag making has started in a gig gak pattern. Any upside in Nifty just short.


this one i fee simple to understand
Sandip_a_ I-Fund-Trader
@MoneyRain, Good . But try to differentiate the analysis. I have taken a longer period from 2009. My chart showing what happened in past can happen again and trend. But it's good if u feel someone Analysis is simple for u to understand after all its all about charting and making everyone understand. Best of luck.
I-Fund-Trader Sandip_a_
@Sandip_a_, OK Thanks
rvrover7 I-Fund-Trader
@MoneyRain, double top,is possible
@rvrover7, Yes very Much , it seems there will be one short pull back since we ran 3 days , possible 1 day pull back and its very much possible of continuation of trend to form double top
You can see cup n handle pattern also on the way if it break 10850
@PR5999, yup men u r rite. It should not close above 10850.
But if break 10800 the big bull again on there way to 12k
Looks immprresive..good work