NIFTY 50 Shorting strikes !!!

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
πŸ›‘ Shorting strikes purely based on india vix volatility index and Standard deviation
- we can short one side either CALL or PUT side / if we do both then we can conclude that it is short strangle
- Short 17750 CE and Short 17200 PE

πŸ›‘ we can observe that market may be stays in between with the range of 17750-17200, only When there's no Volatility .

- if short both side / if we did short strangle
β—½if breakout happens at 17650 then we can exit from short CE position and hold short PE until achieve the target of 17750
β—½if breakdown happens at 17250 then we can exit from short PE position and hold the short CE until achieve the target of 17150

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