Nifty8722 Top was8745,may correct to 8598 and 8550

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Nifty 8722, Top was 8745.60 as we expected for a the
wave 5 earlier. Now keep the to 8746 as reistance for few days and stong Strong Support will be 8550.
Before concluding the said levels and it's inevitable corrections, I jumped in to forces ting for a higher level Target, which is not a way to follow market. But as we all know the entire market was bearish , expecting a further down leg.
So on confirmation of the strong bullish Ness, it was my interest to to inform people in advance.
Otherwise here we have small correction.Target 8598.


Banknifty will also follow the suit,but I am not able to post a detailed view.
Today is my off, an I am enjoying my week end at home. So a detailed post
Will be made later. Till then
Namo Namashthe Asthu sahasakrithuva.
Puncha bhuyo abhi Namo Namashthe.