Nifty weekly 5th wave finished??

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
If this was the 5th wave.. then we can see 9000 also. which is 61.8% of previous swing retracement. There are few boxes for the support..
2020 will be 20-20... may be till Sep nifty will not asked to bounce(12400). there might be up and down move but main direction will remain down same as 2015.
Comment: CMP box filled up.. 11100.. now time for second box 10700..... it will give small bounce 10700.. (11100 -11550)
Comment: Wow second box filled up!! ... it has broken the support... now it may bounce for few points (11000-11100) .. then third box will be filled up? lets see
Comment: cmp 9980... third box filled up!!!
Comment: Done the last box which is around 9k, It was Superb 20-20 move , to be very frank, i didn;'t know it could make century in 6 balls.


@ashokakbari Well Done Ashok !

I would look forward to your views on what next ? Further lows because its been swift or rebound from here ?

Please let us know

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ashokakbari avsrikanth
@avsrikanth, I was waiting for this moment from last 2 years, today i have completed my 100% investment, now i will wait for 4-5 years. it will not bounce fast as it was come down. mostly A grade scripts will give 300% return in in next 4-5 years.
Sorry to say but its not 5th wave . its 3rd wave . and we are seeing the correction for 4th wave.
you can connect low of feb 2016 with the high of sep 2016 you will find the 12447 high as the 261.80% .
ashokakbari juscallmelarry
@juscallmelarry, may be you are right ... But right thing time will say