NIFTY Shorting Based On VIX !!

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
🛑 Shorting strikes purely based on india vix volatility index
- we can short one side either CALL or PUT side / if we do both then we can conclude that it is short strangle
- Short 18500 CE and Short 18100 PE

🛑 we can observe that market may be stays in between with the range of 18500-18100 ,only When there's no Volatility .

- if short both side / if we did short strangle
if breakout happens at 18500 then we can exit from short CE position and hold short PE until achieve the target of 18500
if breakdown happens at 18180 then we can exit from short PE position and hold the short CE until achieve the target of 18100

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