Nifty : There is Alternative, Always...

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
I hope most of points are explained in Nifty chart itself. I chose to post this bcos this is another alternative way of finding same setup which we did with harmonics for past two days. So the point to be driven home ? There is alternate methods available, Never fret over that you don't know Harmonics or Elliott's or whatever, Just make use of what you know, Even simplest setups.

And InsiderB has a Query !

Imagine that, you have considered all Market scenarios & formulated trading rules, but all of sudden Market does something which is not even in your plan or trading rules. My question is " Will you go back & edit your trading rules ? " Or Leave things as it is, as if nothing happened around you, telling yourself that your rules are very good & strict, which needs no Improvement ?! If you choose this part won't you lose ? Don't be the one who don't/won't act even after knowing , that's bad. Aren't you in responsible position to rectify the things ??? If not, Pathetic...

I'm real curious to know the answer & I know you guys are very smart to understand what's mentioned between those lines. Drop in your comments, what you will do...
The Nation wants to.... err... cut ! cut ! Not Arnab, its InsiderB, Tradingview community wants to know... Feel free to drop a line.

Comment: Incase Nifty Breaks below 9580's then 9530's :)
Comment: Hope you guys are enjoying the ride down with profits !