Nifty - The Culmination Point for 13500-14000

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NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
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Trading Strategy

Plan A
Buy Above 11362 – Target: 11550-11580

Plan B
Buy Above 11620 – Target: 11690-11710 / Buy above 11710 – Target: 11980-12000 & Above 12000-Target: 12100

Plan C
Sell in 11550-11580 if holds below 11620 for downside Target 1: 11350-11360, Target 2: 11080-11100,
Target 3: Below 11080 – 10950-10975 Target 4: Below 10950- 10750-10800.

Plan D
Buy Above 12105 – Target : 13500-14000

Plan E
Buy in 10725-10750 Holding above 10670 for target : 11650-11700 / target: 13500-14000

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Trade active:
09:21 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last Price@11331

Index already went into 11350-11360 zone

Opposite of Plan A - Selling in 11350-11360 with stops above 11362- as "Plan A - we need to buy above 11362" so selling in 11350-11360 is extremely good risk reward for short term bears- you lose 10-15 points & gain 100+ points downside.
Trade active:
09:35 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last price@11325

11290-11300 was psychological zone & profits should be taken in those zones.
Trade active:
10:44 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last Price@11376

Plan A - Buy Call above 11362 is activated. Partial Profits to be booked 11430-11460 zone & continue holding long only above 11460 for 11550-11580
Trade active:
10:52 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last price@11356

Even Buy Call Activated above 11362- Trader's should be careful as 11350-11360 has to hold for buy call to reach its target- failing to hold shall be warning bell !!!

Never get emotional with trades else trading will become difficult.
Trade active:
14:39 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last price@11399

Day High@11421

Reached close to 11430 ----------------------- Day High 11421 - next Buying only above 11460 else some correction can be expected
Trade active:
15:10 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last price@11335

Index moved according the modified plan- first buying above 11350-11360 for 11430

Day High@11421

Now back to the zone 11350-11360 - going below 11350- we look for 11320/11265/11190-11200
Trade active:
15:17 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last price@11323

Downside 1st objective 11320 done as well. Hope you enjoyed the up & down move for the day.
Trade active:
15:29 Hrs / 14th Oct 2019

Last Price@11332

Plan A was modified for 11430-11460 target & also updated at 11400 as reminder that we reached our center point.

Next Buying only above 11460 or we may see some correction next. Hope the session was good up & down move.

08:28 Hrs / 15th Oct 2019

Last Price@11341

Yesterday, Just before closing fall was sharp from 11421 to 11312 & to finally halt at 11341 (Adjusted closing).

We will keenly watch for resistance zone again today@15th Oct 2019 which is 11350-11375

Trading Strategy for 15th Oct 2019

Any move above 11375 - expect close push upside to 11410-11420
Move above 11430-11460 is puzzle zone & only for risky traders once crossed 11460 (Safe Traders can join as well) -expect upside push more to 11530-11550 zone which will conclude -Plan "A"
Resistance zone 11350-11375 if holds then expect downside for 11300/11190-11200 & more on downside.

Hope you enjoy the session today as well. Thanks
Trade active:
12:44 Hrs / 15th Oct 2019

Last Price@11400

Above 11375 - Index touched 11428/11429 - Expected 11430 - "11430-11460 is puzzle zone"

Index touching 11430 made another attempt of falling & now at 11400
Trade active:
13:02 Hrs / 15th Oct 2019

Last Price@11412

Day High@11429

It respected 11430 & had a fall but not convinced with the fall so assuming it moves to new high for the day if holds above 11385 next.

Any move below 11385 should be reviewed for the upcoming fall later or fall from new highs
Trade active:
14:55 Hrs / 15th Oct 2019

Last Price@11442

First halted at 11430 & dropped - Later halted at 11460 & dropped - Importance of 11430-11460 zone as updated earlier.
Trade active:
16th Oct 2019

Last Price@11428

Review of 15th Oct 2019
As per morning update yesterday - "08:28 Hrs / 15th Oct 2019"

Index moved above 11375 -Touched 11430 --------minor correction to 11400---- Expected new high "if holds above 11385" as per update @13:02 Hrs /15th Oct 2019 -------- new high reached @11462
It was also suggested that 11430-11460 would be tricky zone & both the levels were respected as we had minor correction to finally close at 11428.

Update@16th Oct 2019

Idea - Unclear Trade Deal – Metal & Agri could be safe bet

Fading hopes of US & China Trade Deal could force Investors to look for safe heaven bets like precious metal which can shine coupled with light festival- Diwali which is round the corners in India. The yellow metal has support zone 1465-1475$, holding that zone, metal can shine to 1545$ & more on the upside.
Last Friday, US & China agreed for partial trade deal Indicating everything is fine but the problem is there is no actual deal.
As per recent reports, China agreed to double its spending on US agriculture as part of a partial trade accord between the two countries that’s likely to be well received by crop traders in next few trading sessions.
Market participants have an alternative safe bets in the form of precious metals & agri commodities if trade deal turns out to be fictional.
Are you ready – If trade deal turns out to be fictional?

Nifty Index post making lows at 11090 on 9th Oct 2019 – is moving in choppy manner upside, which sooner or later shall end & everyone has to face the trade deal reality.

Technical outlook for 16th Oct 2019

Minor resistance 11430-11460 could halt the price action for the day & upside extension to 11500+ can be seen if it crosses 11460 & holds above as per short term outlook & later to travel downside to key support zones 11190-11200 & below 11190 to 11090 & more on the downside.

Thanks & Enjoy The Day!!!
Trade active:
09:56 Hrs / 16th Oct 2019

Last price@11458

Our 1st Clue that Upside is limited above 11460 will be once it starts moving below 11430 -till 11430 holds -It is open for new highs
Trade active:
10:14 Hrs / 16th Oct 2019

Last price@11438

As part of experience -"never keep stop loss exactly below psychological levels & these levels for the day are 11430 & 11460"
Trade active:
12:12 Hrs / 16th Oct 2019

Last price@11457

Only for Risky traders
If gets resistance in 11460-11465 - It can attempt downside 11420-11430 zone & later re bounce for highs above 11460
Trade closed manually:
13:45 Hrs /16th Oct 2019

Last Price@11425

Coming up with short term video idea soon - "Cane Effect" -Market slips hard from 11465 to 11410 as expected an hour back. Holding above 11420 -It can move for new highs above 11480.

Happy Trading!!!
Trade active:
13:35 Hrs / 18th Oct 2019

Last Price@11641

My status update has changed for the day. Hope you all got the same.
Trade active:
14:23 Hrs / 18th Oct 2019

Last Price@11646

Risky Traders - Should not leave double top Sell call below 11690-11695 - Day High-11685
15:24 Hrs / 18th Oct 2019 - Do not carry any position home this weekend or hedge your position.
12:42 Hrs / 22nd Oct 2019

Last Price@11682

Good Afternoon.

Index jumped to new high@11714/11715 -which is strong supply zone so participants should be careful in 11670-11700 zone.

Going below this zone it will make an attempt to touch Intraday zone 11630-11640 & below 11630 -opens for 11575/11530- to be reviewed later. Thanks
Trade active:
15:04 Hrs / 22nd Oct 2019

Last Price@11593

Nifty slips 120 points from the top exactly to 11575

Target done another century for the day 💯 It is short term bullish bat harmonic pattern right at the low@11575 our 2nd objective for the day in sell from 11690-11700.

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