Mon 16 Jan Timewave View on Nifty

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Good Morning Guys!

From 27th Dec to 12th Jan, Nifty gave a marvelous impulsive upmove, and Timewave booked 375 points of profit.

Now we are short from 8400 level, and Nifty will remain down till 18th Jan Wednesday.
This is a retracement move of the impulsive upmove. Targets are 8320 and 8298
New short positions can be taken at 8400 level.
Comment: Holding this position would requite patience, especially today.
Comment: Please carry forward the short position. Please understand that as this is a retracement move, it will go down in a sluggish manner.


some times share to us about your time waves pankaj more we want
Great to see your knowledge...Can you refer any books for . And apps share your view on Tata steel rel infra I am stuck in shorting the stock.
Good prediction Pankaj ji.
pankajvw Dayanandan
@Dayanandan, thanks!
I am holing ITM options. few lots.
@pankajvw - On Friday you mentioned "Fibo target will also change as now we have more time. 1st target 8240. (lets first achieve this then will calculate more)".
You have changed the targets to 8320, 8298?
pankajvw SaurabhMehra
@SaurabhMehra, these are the minimum targets. There are a few more Fibonacci ratios to look forward to. See in Timewave methodology, levels are secondary, trades are entered and exited on the basis of time
Basty pankajvw
@pankajvw, when will you make a tutorial sort of thing for timewave ?
Stop loss ?
@Basty, Stoploss is 8450 NS, please adjust for future, by adding premium.