NIFTY Levels for 26th Feb 2021

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
NIFTY Levels for 26th Feb 2021
Comment: READ THIS: NONE of the analysis has failed so far. I am posting 10 stocks a day. You can check the history and play out the candles.

Here's how to trade this analysis.
1. Check the levels and analysis.
2. If you are new, trade in low quantity or trade with virtual currency: https://trading (DOT) kaivalya (DOT) digital.
3. If (or when) the stock moves 50% in our direction, start booking partial profits. This is very important as the stocks, a lot of times, show a reversal.
3. After the day ends, come back and play back the candlesticks , if you haven't traded. Check if the levels hold.
4. Hit that like button and comment if you find the analysis is holding.