Crying Nifty is Not moving , Then Get the Education of Analysis

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Ha ha , Friends , Everyone is panic , ?? dont be in panic , its not that simple to earn money by just following some one who is trading on support or resistance ( which doesn't Exist) , then i found out few started copying my charts , ( wow , Grate People , ) i was wondering where they get the reversal range and how they come to that level , ?? then Guess what i posted few intentional errors , and found exact copy cats of errors in the few Chart copy cartoons , I have been telling everyone form day one if you want to be successful take a proper course , and then you can look for live trading , if you think education is costly ? check out the cost you pay for ignorance ,
Still the Market is bullish , I will not tell form which level it will turn because you guys will never understand the essence of trading with limited risk and over trade only to end up loss
They ( Institutional ) are currently in child play , they are just playing around with all retail traders , but in chart you can see very clearly they are in Range , My forecast for current view is they will still remain in the same range , may wide the range for few days in order to trap the retails , but once they make an strong bottom on daily they will not turn back , they are heading for 12500 +
Kindly take this chart as educational ,
Comment: Well Some one was trying to tell me how smart he is , Now he knows that smartness is in Giving the results , Look at least 100 charts and study the length of trade and revenue to risk ,
Time has come it will bounce very shortly towards up ward move , and probably it will make till 12800 ,


Just went through your recent charts a man you are amazing.
Kudos to the hard work.

Appreciate your intent to share your hard earned wisdom with others.
shiv2798 ramesh8510
@ramesh8510, Thanks Ramesh Ji
I longed what now it's 300 points down
Good analysis boss.
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@TheChauhansView, Thanks Richie