Nifty Sentiment pattern for May 17 and May 14 review

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index

Here i have tried to predict the NIFTY 50 Index pattern for 2 days in Advance and posted them for people to experience it. This is based on pattern search of NIFTY based on Astro Pattern,Data Discovery of last 10 years of data. This approach gives successful results 65% of the times and does not predict price in advance but gives the sentiment path for the day. The higher the number the greater the positive sentiment and "ideally" increases the prices. The UP sentiment and DOWN sentiment sometimes happens in a smooth manner and few times quickly based on the price being a sensitive one or not. A sensitive price is normally OPEN price , Intraday levels and price nifty has returned for support/resistance in the past.

The Predicted pattern for MAY 14 2021

The Predicted v/s actual pattern for May 14 2021

The Nifty Intrday levels i generate on a daily basis and trend change timings in action.

You can observe the last leg changed a but from flat to UP but rest of the pattern has matched. Give me a like if you loved this (less likes no updates!)

How to use : We need to use the Intraday levels (or any Technical indicator you are comfortable with) , Sentiment graph , Intraday Trend change timings (available before trade).

Comment: If you have questions please comment on the idea and i will collate all answers and reply on Sunday EOD
Comment: Sometimes the Down sentiment get converted to FLAT instead of FALL as it is as of 11:46 . The Trend change timings 10:03,10:43,12:19,12:33,14:34,14:43

and Intraday levels helps us in identifying the changes. Todays levels are


Buy Above: 14785.00

Open Price: 14762.30

Buy Targets: 14822.36 14859.51 14889.54 14919.57 14962.32 14988.27 15076.83 15174.04

Sell Below: 14739.60

Sell Targets are: 14702.24 14665.09 14635.06 14605.03 14562.28 14536.33 14447.77 14350.56


helloooooooooo sir no updates after 17th .. waiting out here sir
Kiranks07 anis91n
@anis91n, will start Nifty positional for 10 days.if no likes will stop again
hi, sir can you explain your techniques, how you provide levels with predicitions?
Kiranks07 deepak119
@deepak119, The sentiment is purely Patten matching of past pattern using time series,astro parameters using KP astrology and standard deviations, planetary declination

Intraday levels is mathematical model using polynomial equation to find a value that will change the curves
thank you kiran
Good one you are almost there. But what the number on the vertical axis depicts?
Kiranks07 birendra_Y
@birendra_Y, Vertical axis are all Trend change timings . All Horizontal levels are Intraday Levels