Nifty levels to watch for 08Mar2017

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Nifty levels to watch for 08Mar2017

Trading on Algo principles:

Algo trading levels on NIFTY_Spot
R1 :: 8977-8986 & Alert levels for Shorts-8997
S1 :: 8908-8898 & Alert levels for Longs-8888

Overnight Premium = 27.20
So derived Algo trading levels on derivative NIFTY17MARFUT
R1 :: 9004-9013 & Alert levels for Shorts-9024
S1 :: 8936-8925 & Alert levels for Longs-8915

Please keep on booking profits.
Happy Trading!


can you share the trade while you do. May be just after entering and exiting? This will help us.
atulm atulm
@atulm, or guide how to trade on the above?
@atulm, Hi , I purely trade on levels what I publish here. Believe me these levels do work, Just one needs to trust this algo levels.
I trade with tight trigger orders modifying many times on profit-loss both side. Giving Market and Myself equal chance and room to prove each other true or false.
That's it.
atulm rohitladdha
@rohitladdha, I have observed past few weeks, these levels work. I want to know, when to enter... wait for the resistence/support to reach and then a bounce from that and then enter. Stop loss to be the alert levels. and when to exit. Guidance on these lines...
@atulm, Ok so commenting on that point,
Buy first Sell later when Market is in Support clouds whereas
vice-versa when market is in Resistance clouds.
This is already discussed in one of my previous ideas.

You may go through below visualisation and explanation
Ideas Subject line:
1. Way to trade on these derived levels
2. Nifty levels to watch for 1Feb2017 _ Budget Day
3. Nifty levels to watch for 23Jan2017 _ explaining gravity of levels
atulm rohitladdha
@rohitladdha, Gone through your previous posts. Thanks a Lot.

Which software you use for deriving these Algo Levels. Will call you after market hours.
@atulm, Welcome Atul, feel free to call and I will discuss over phone. Thanks!