NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
It's been a very long time since I looked at the index to trade,
but with the levels coming back to charted territory, it's getting interesting.

So, you know, I trade based on my lines.

It has come below the weekly white line now .
And additionally, I have drawn a few more lines to help me trade.

I'll trade only when it's near any of these lines as it provides me a comfortable risk reward.

The long/short will depend on the price action that forms.

Sharing if it helps anyone in aiding their trading decisions during the market hours.

I'll try to update if I do take any position and have time to write that over here live.

I have kept it at 15 min timeframe, so that you can have a detailed view over what you can see in a daily timeframe .

Will update a new one when required.
Comment: 23 March : Immediately went above the line, and after sustaining for a while gave a huge upmove , only to be stopped by the blue trendline. Good long setup created.
Comment: So, tomorrow, 24 March, see how it acts around the blue trendline. Reverses or breaks on the upside.
Comment: Breaks on the upside and then good follow through by a full up green bar. Sustaining above white line is a challenge now.
Comment: Doesn't sustain above the white line, falls rapidly in the end.
Comment: Formed a double top and then a double bottom confusing traders on direction , now again trying to cross the white line.
Comment: 1 way movement from white line thereafter.


it seems it risky to enter long as S.L will be white line @9120, i dont see any resistance as Nifty is new territory.
dravya AMBRISH
@AMBRISH, yep, correct !