Nifty: Is this a Buy in dips opportuinity

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index

Earlier we were expecting Nifty to do a sub 14000 level. In that post we had highlighted that Nifty has a chance of bouncing back towards 14655. Well the bounceback has been much more than that and today despite we seeing a big dip in Nifty , it is so far trading well above

- 20 day EMA at 14648 &
- 50 day EMA at 14622 currently

Trading above the EMA changes the structure and So far as Nifty stays above the 2 EMAs Nifty may be considered as a Buy on dips opportunity.

Exit if closing is below the EMA

Given the set up,

Strategy that can be deployed


Selling Nifty 06 May expiry 14400 Put option around 70

Lot size 75

Max profit potential in strategy Rs 5250 per lot.
The strategy gives a decent return potential

But More importantly the strategy provides Risk cover for a fall in Nifty price up to 14330 giving ample scope and time to exit with less damage in case Nifty moves otherwise.

Take care & safe trading...!!!


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