Nifty- Alternate Count-Strong Bearish (need further clues)

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
If Nifty fails to bounce back above 8550-

Alternate Count- More Bearish Case- labels with pink color.
Which is an important clue to me as per my primary wave count- from 8968 to 8506 as larger wave-1 then a bounce back to 8737 ( W-X-Y ) giving A-Wave (Alternate Count- wave-2 finished at 8737 highs)- we are in smaller wave-(i) of wave-3-- Output- We can expect nifty to fall sharply

Primary Count- Bounce expected close to the zone 8850-8900 before we fall again
Wave-2 yet to finish & just done with W-X-Y ( A-Wave ) -at highs 8737 -then fall in W-X-Y (B-Wave- currently running) shall be confirmed done once Nifty moves above 8550- a key level.

Nifty-Can this dream turn into reality Part 2
Trade active: 08:55 Hrs 9th Nov2016

SGX Nifty- 300+ points down & Dow Futures 600 points down

Deep Bearish - Bulls are trapped- This is what happens- surgical strike- no time for reaction
Trade active: 08:18 Hrs 10th Nov2016

In opening session we need to see whether index holds below 8490-8500 zone

Risky Strategy
On the bounce or gap up of Index between 8490-8500 zone -taking a small stops above 8500- one can take sell positions

Another strategy
Once Index moves below 8350- will have high chances to go close to lows of 8000- recent low- in that case B-leg is subdivided into a-b-c & we could be moving into last leg of c-wave & finish this whole down sequence likely in next week & start -upside journey for 2-3 months- which is little premature- will confirm once market moves.

We will come up with buying strategy once we see market reaction & prices staying above 8500

Trade active: 12:40 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8588

I am taking this whole move as ABC -which is little premature to tell so keeping it back of my mind.

8635-8650 is an important zone, so let wait for Nifty to kiss that zone holding above 8570-8575 zone as mentioned.

Price is doing sideways after reaching day's high@8598 - going above 8598 - Shall thrust upside or going close to 8575-8570 zone & holding above that zone -one can look to participate in short term up move -Intraday wise till 8620-8635 zone. Let that finish. I shall come back again
Trade active: 13:06 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8565

Prices have gone below the 8570-8575 but we will wait for more confirmation as going above 8598 -it will continue upside. So, Let us wait
Trade active: 13:13 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8563

Just dipped close to 8550 if remains above that - I am still open for upside as expected above but sure if goes above 8600 - we will go up. Serching for my missing leg upside
Trade active: 13:26 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8578

Dipped close to 8550 - should not go below 8560- or we go out of the market & wait at the sidelines

If goes above 8600- Then we are in the safe zone for the missing leg which I am searching

Looking this whole sequence to end as ABC - so be careful in the zone 8635-8650
Trade active: 13:35 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8582

Hold with 8570 - Going Below that it will doubtful for Nifty to continue upside & add only above 8600
Trade active: 13:59 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8579

Looks done on upside Nifty is holding on top@8600. Avoid taking longs unless goes above 8600-8610 zone, but still there is limited upside left.

8600-8610 zone is important going below 8550 - will confirm that its looking downside

Trade active: 15:07 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Last Price@8525

Bang On for the correct move from 8580.Likely Price Holds between 8505-8510 - suggests to partial profits or full & wait for the bounce to re-enter.
Trade active: 15:45 Hrs 10th Nov2016

Session Low@8510

Wow, what a fall!

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Abhi Good Morning What to do on nifty sell on rise Buy and wait too many charts and Ideas confused ?
@ajayww2, Logically, you should wait for a dip not taking out 8350 top so once you get the dip- you can look to buy nifty with strict stops below 8350. Going below 8350 will indicate that bears are still active
Hi Abhi

I think around 100 points downside still left.

market will make bottom. Around 8-10th Nov.

Yes this is true that 8900+ will be seen this series only if 8350 holds.Risk rewards is in bull's favour.
This is what happens- surgical strike
vijay.risl AbhishekHSinghCMT
But sir from diwali onwards saying that we are in 12345 waves instead of ABC..

Even my bottom date falling between 8-10 Nov ..

When I came first time with leading diagonal downside- It was opposed. I even updated CNX100 -that we are going down -surgical strikes won't give time to react
vijay.risl AbhishekHSinghCMT
Yes.agree sir.
thanks ur analysis most attractive always
complex correction always this type
is this possible downtrend is comlex correction channel n now its nearly maturity near 8450 n then non stop for 8850