NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Signals are generated using a proprietary indicator developed by me using Tradingview Pine Script (and
Trade active: I bought NIFTY18APR10300PE at 213 when Nifty Spot price hit the red line @ 10169.35.
Comment: Holding NIFTY18APR10300PE with profit of Rs.1811.25 @ market close for the day.
Comment: Exited NIFTY18APR10300PE today morning @ market open with loss of Rs.3783.75 as Nifty opened above the green line for the day set at 10201.75
Trade closed manually
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Success rate of 'Short' call is low. Only 42% trade succeeded. I guess this area could be further improved in algo for gaining 'real' profit.
syam-mohan-vs akshay1808
@akshay1808, This is a trend following system. Market trends only around 35-40% of the time. So the accuracy of the system (any direction) is in tune with the trending probability. Beside in this system there is no bias towards the long or short side which gives the system an edge, if you ask me, irrespective of the market direction.
akshay1808 syam-mohan-vs
@syam-mohan-vs, Can you check this algorithm in an hourly chart pattern. I guess the 'percent profitable' and 'profit factor' both will increase. Just a guess.
Tomorrow market might be opening in positive.
@rteppala, It could. My philosophy is simple. Follow the trading system and do not worry about anything else. We have here a system with proven track record from 1990. Besides what ever happens tomorrow am not going to loose more than Rs.15975 per lot.