Nifty at resistance levels.. watch out for a fall

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Watchout for NIFTY fall this week.
SL 12860 levels
Target-1 12550 levels


Looks like a bullish flag ।momentum also in strong।Hope it will cross this long time trend line resistance soon,may be tomorrow itself।bias should be on the long side,better with ITM CE বীঠ 80-100pt sl in the index or buy naked fut if crosses 1st 15mins hi latter on tomorrow।dont buy atall if does not cross।that will be my strtegy tomorrow।
arbkent_money eternallearner
@eternallearner, yes.. I'm also looking for something similar 😬
I have a view that as long as there is a majority view of CORRECTION, the market will KEEP GOING UP AND CAUSE UNTOLD MISERIES TO THOSE WHO SHORT. THIS MARKET IS CRAZY. On steroid, IT IS. do not short WITHOUT STOP loss. strict stop loss.
arbkent_money BharadwajBharaata
@BharadwajBharaata, yeah totally agree on that possibility. That's the reason I've put a no trading zone in between and if there is a strong up move breaking 12850 convincingly, then I will move to the buying side. However, if it is trading in between I'll wait for it to move in either of these directions. Any ways, thanks for your concern.
BharadwajBharaata arbkent_money
@arbkent_money, I am pretty old. I have seen these games. CENTRAL bank( there is one central bank which RUNs the ZOOMBIE world economy) is always VERY VERY HAPPY when the MARKET is in a BUBBLE. Well, the BANKs and the FUNDs need to be protected, not you and me. :) :)

The BUBBLE will grow BIGGER.

MOTHER of ALL BURSTs will be down the line WHEN THE NEXT PANDEMIC hits. THAT pandemic will kill millions and it will be a virus from POULTRY(what I read ON WWW).
can u help me, from where u get that resistance line at 12845, red one
arbkent_money light_kumar
@light_kumar, you can zoom out and view the chart to see the resistance trend line